Murky Road Trip

My rear-end is tired. Yesterday at 13:30 EST I looked at the wife and said, “Wife, lets drive to Washington D.C for a cup of coffee. It is only a four and a half hour drive!” She replied, “Four and a half hours? That is all?” So, we loaded the ladies into the 07 Impala SS and jammed up NC 117 and I-95 at 75 mph all the way to Murky Arlington where Allie (spelling?) proceeded to tune that grinder in and pull me a fab shot! And then another! The wife with her Mocha smiled and the girls with their shared hot chocolate were just happy little tirds. After much discussion, purchasing a slice of carrot cake and noticing the $15,000 Synesso spro machine was not even being employed I couldn’t help but ask, WTH is going on? Your using a $5,000 or so LM Linea instead of a much revered “Benz” of a machine called a Synesso. They explained that it failed and they couldn’t fix or get it fixed for a while. DANG IT. I think I will go with a LM when it is time to do any big purchasing.

Anyway, after much discussion and fretting over that machine, we decided to go see Reggie and Julia over at the 660 Pennsylvania Ave location. FAN-FREAK’N-TASTIC. That girl likes coffee a whole bunch. I was just really impressed with her. Look, she pulled me a shot and said, “Do you have some more time, I wasn’t as happy with that shot and the humidity is changing in here rapidly. I want to redial this grinder real quick and get you a real shot.” I promptly told her she was going to have to kick me out of the store and I was theres until closing! She dialed it in as best as she could (the temp and humidity changed noticeably a couple times within minutes). Pulled a fantastic shot for me and herself and we just stood there sipping quietly. It was a funny moment. Enjoying the product with the producer enjoying the results as much as I was enjoying the results.  Anna, my four year old, comes up to me and says, “Daddy, I want some espresso.”  You know, I think I might just have a barista champ on my hands.  The next thing I know Julia is pulling a decaf Tuscano spro shot for the little tike – Anna grabs a straw and pokes the cup and drains it!  Her daddy’s baby!

It was a fantastic evening and from what Alley told me we missed the Cho by only ten minutes or so. Dang it. I will have to do this again. After leaving Murky we just drove all over D.C proper, driving by the USDOT building I promptly flipped that entire building the middle finger! We saw the White House, the Capitol Building and well over 2,000 police officers, just in case we needed one. We grabbed late supper at McDonalds and were sitting back in the yard by 02:30 AM (01:30 with the time change).

That rocked! I need to do crazy crap like that more often and the girls loved it.


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