Business Planning, Spro, and SERBC

Using a couple sites to keep up with the South Eastern Regional Barista Championship I could watch Shannon Hudgens walk right into the semi-finals.  That was amazing to me.  He did a fantastic job and it is all well deserved.  He told me, while serving me the competition espresso (Kenyan from Terroir) that the judges wanted it to be more bitter and less sweet.  To be fair and honest, it is a seriously sweet spro, but it is refreshing and rewardingly sweet.  I don’t understand the reasoning, but that is the way it goes sometimes.

I have been spending a whole bunch of time with Shannon at his Greenville, SC location.  I am working on starting up a small shop here in Mount Olive, NC and he has been graciously consulting me.   I have bought two of his Faema S87 2 group machines.  They are old, but sufficient and if things get profitable I will get a two or three group GB/5.  But, lets cross the $9,000 bridge when we need to do so, not when we would like to do so.  Tonx has been swapping some e-mail with me on bar design and such and has been very helpful.  Lastly, I have been working on a business plan for the past week and I believe with my whole heart I can be profitable within the first month – that is amazing.

I really want this new shop to be done and done well, but the more I fiddle with it the more I think a SBA loan is what it is going to take.  And if  I do that, I almost want to be much more aggressive from the outset.


2 responses to “Business Planning, Spro, and SERBC

  1. So tell me about the Faema machine? Have you tried it? Can you tell me what they say about them… good… bad…?
    I”m looking at one at the moment and need some help.


  2. I am picking up the machines this weekend if all goes well (no later than next weekend if not). I will do a full report when I get them in and going! 🙂 Thanks

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