Tasting Espresso headed for the South Eastern Barista Championship

WOW, it has been an incredible two days!  (And I mean that with all the exclamation “!!” I can get out of my exclamation!!)

Yesterday I was with Shannon and Alex of Coffee & Crema in Greenville, SC as they started preparations for the South Eastern Barista Championship in Lakeland, FL at the end of October.   

I was honored that Alex would serve me his signature cup!  I have no idea what he called it, but it was a cold drink and it was also my first cold espresso based drink.  What an honor.  I always imagined that I would despise anything espresso with cold temperatures, but it really was very good and the presentation made it just that much better.  I don’t know how to rate it, because after all, it was my first cold drink – but I would love to have more of the drink so it must be good!  It was smooth, creamy and the most important thing, to me at least, the espresso came through all the “froo froo.”  Sometimes signature drinks, IMHO, use a bunch of “froo froo” and it ends up covering up the espresso – that isn’t what I, personally, am looking for and in Alex’s cup the espresso shined!

Shannon’s drink looked more easier to build, which can be a good thing.  It kind of looked like I was sipping on a glass of bourbon but it ROCKED – literally.  It too was cold and was in liquor “rock glasses,” pardon the vocabulary. 

Are they going to win the SEBC?  I have no idea, but I will say this: anybody competing down there is going to have their hands full of these guys!  Congrats guys on a job well done on both accounts.


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