Direct HIT: Espresso PAYDIRT

The previously mentioned trip to Greenville, SC was a worth while diversion off of the beaten path.  Coffee & Crema was everything it was cracked up to be and more.  Shannon, the proprietor, was fantastic.  I immediately announced myself as a “coffee geek” enthusiast and he obliged me with the best espresso I have ever seen and tasted in my short life.  Tonx recommended Coffee & Crema and he was right on target.

Shannon, you officially have a fan!  I spent a couple hours with him at his bar and we had some of the best fellowship discussing coffee that I have ever had apart from e-mail and forums.  I guess I just need to “get out” more often.  I came home with a bag of single origin Ethiopian Yirg which, come to think of it, right now would seem to be a good time to break that bag open….:)  l8r! 


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