Starved for Good Espresso

I woke up yesterday, after being on the road for two days, absolutely starved for espresso.  So starved that I had the thought of trying out the “cafe” that is inside of a large Christian book store in Goldsboro, NC.  I was visiting the other day and they had a rather large grinder in the store and with the age of “super automatics” I figured if they were grinding their beans apart from the machine that they could have the opportunity to have some great beans and espresso. 

As I walked in and the young girl asked me what I would like to have to drink I noticed a few things that made me nervous right from the start.  I asked if they had any stoneware and the answer was no.  Then an immediate red flag went up as I told her “I would like a double shot of espresso.”  Her face went blank and she just said, “We don’t even have a price for that.  Why would you want to drink it that way?”  Well, enough said I tried to answer her question and it turned into more questions.  Which is fine, I don’t mind sharing what little I know.  Her grinder had a built in tamper, but all she did was hold it under the tamp very lazily and pressed  it down.  The grinder also had a doser, but the beans I received were old as the grinder never powered “on.”  The beans were poor and stale, just by looking at the hopper.  The espresso, which she finally decided would be $.50 per shot, was flat and gross. 

I paid up and told the wife, “off to Charbux!”  I knew I wouldn’t find much better at SB, but hey, I had a “hankering” for espresso and half retarded espresso was better than fully retarded.  It never ceases to amaze me how they react when I ask for a pre-heated espresso cup.  First off, she never found a espresso cup, at all.  They pre-heated a cappuccino cup for me and made my espresso.  I must admit, it wasn’t “half-bad.”  I actually enjoyed it.  I know I would have enjoyed a better prepared cup, but I went back for another. 

I really wish we could have a good espresso bar and roaster here in Goldsboro.  It would just set the mood.  But, more importantly, this experience has proven to me the need for a home espresso bar.  Oh and I do pray earnestly for that day!


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