OMG, I am going command line!

I can’t believe that I would make this leap, but here it goes. After a couple days of reading up on different linux distros (almost 300 of ’em) I decided on Sabayon Linux as my first try out of the “command line” world. Hey, I am a big boy. I can take it. I remember DOS 3, for crying out loud. I may remember it, but do “I R E M E M B E R I T ?”

What peaked my interest? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a ZDNet contributor, has a whole section done up at ZDNet regarding the topic of making “the move” or at least experimenting with “the move.”  Check out his section on ZDNet called “My Linux Experience.”

Evidently, you can run this OS strait from your DVD drive!  YESSIR!  And it runs like a banche like that, too.   You can see an example on Chris Pirillio’s website or just YouTubed here.

As you can see, the graphics seem to take Vista and smack M$ down like a big 900 lb gorilla.  It literally adds a dimension to your computing experience regarding multitasking.   It would be the difference between watching a movie in 2d or 3d.

I report, I decide!


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