Kitchenaid Pro Line Coffee Grinders are built like Tanks

I have proof!
I was stuck in Reidsville, NC over the weekend and my wife made the three hour drive with the kids to come and stay at the hotel with me. She also was sweet enough to pack my KA PL grinder, some beans and my French Press.

She pulled up into the parking lot and while I was getting some stuff out of the front seats for her I heard her open the rear hatch of the GMC Yukon XL. Out came my KA PL slamming to the ground, and I do mean SLAMMING. I thought it was my beans from the way it sounded, but I walked back and there the PL was.

She just waited for me to explode, but I just stood there and started laughing! The upper hopper basically exploded, but in large shreds, so it wasn’t dangerous to pick up. All damage entailed the hopper and two small nicks in the paint – that was it! I cleaned it off and it runs like a charm.


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