Never, Ever, Work for Somebody At Church

“Over qualified.”  “Your smart, but too smart for this job.”  “Your going to do fantastic elsewhere.”  “I mostly admire your Christian character.”

I wonder why people fire you with the same words.  This is the first time I have been “let go” from anything.  I did try the car business for five months and I walked out…flat out, just walked right out.  The stuff I quoted above this paragraph is kind of like saying about a blind date to the perspective datee, “She has a beautiful personality.”

I have always shunned the idea of working for somebody with whom you jointly attend church.  Now I wish I had kept my “policy.” 

No hard feelings, no bad mouthing…just no job and that means no money.  I was talked out of what I was doing before to do what I was just “let go” from doing.  Remember, sir, you called me…comes to mind.  Remember sir, I walked away from two contracts, good ones, to do this fantastic job your talking about.  Remember sir, I HATE a job.  I am not an employee minded person and I will not participate in orifice politics.  I am a “go getter” and I will lead the way.  I am a team player, but I will be the team captain.  Oh, no, I just realized I repeated myself.  I told you that before you hired me. 

One thing is for certain, when you are a threat to someone (not the employer) and their security due to the tools that you have acquired – anything can happen.   When they are looking somebody that seems just a little stupid, but not so stupid they can’t do the job – that is a good sign things are going to go wrong. 


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