Prayer Meeting and a Coffee Revival


Nikki and I host a prayer meeting at our home last evening in conjunction with our church’s revival service which begin the 26th of August.  We had one couple, the Bennett’s’, over for dinner.  Nikki “out-did” herself again.  We brought out the china wares which we have collected over the years and the silverware.  I brought out the big guns with some of the finest coffee in the world, literally. 

First off, after a short fellowship time and then prayer request we proceeded to ask the Lord for his blessings on our lives, our children and our families.  It was a good time with each other and the Lord.  We spent about thirty minutes in fervent prayer, seeking God’s face on the matter of pure revival for our church family.  That soul’s would be harvested as well as Christians getting thoroughly right with God. 

Afterwards, we proceeded to get a hold of the muffins and different types of deserts.  And of course, I made coffee for everybody. 

For the details on the coffee, please visit this page for the coffee menu and presentation – it is worth a look.


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