Tres Santos™, Colombia

I just wasn’t impressed with this at first. It was a let down. OK, I know after I get any beans from any roaster I need to age this stuff about three days from the day I get it (for my personal taste). But, with almost any other bean I received a good aroma and tasting right out of the bag. After three or four days it just gets better and so better. With Tres Santos Columbia, it just wasn’t that good right out of the bag.

After sitting in my bodum jars for four days it has definitely matured into a nice brew. It has some nice florals and the body is rather medium. I think there was some currant there and some woody or nutty textures and hints. I think it needs one more day to be perfect…but alas, we are having a dinner party tonight with retired two Baptist missionary couples that served in France and Brazil all of their adult lives, respectively. I was really wanting to bring in the “big guns.” These are medium guns at best, but it is still a very good coffee for the French press.


2 responses to “Tres Santos™, Colombia

  1. fwiw, I think the Tres Santos is past peak at this time of year and the real fireworks are more likely to be found in the Los Immortales or Flecha Roja. The great coffees that are ‘fresh off the boat’ have a depth to them that is hard to beat.

  2. I think you may very well be correct on the timing. Thanks for visiting.

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