Whoa, what Paradise in Ethiopia

Some things are just good. And then there are things that are so good it is hard to mess them up! In my first attempt with Paradise Roasters they have scored big! This 2007 Ethiopia Limited – Yirgacheffe Idido Teramad is right up their with the best of the best! Mr. Davids at Coffee Review hasn’t reviewed this particular offering from Paradise, but I imagine a 91+ must be called for.

I am sitting here shaking my head at every sip. Whether it be Intelligentsia, who has had some incredible Ethiopian varieties, Paradise or Counter Culture, Ethiopia shines in my pallet as the very best in the world. I have Tres Santos™, Colombia from Intelly that just can’t produce aroma and taste like this; and it doesn’t have anything to do with Intelly – it is all about the bean. It is all about the origin. I think the Cup of Excellence should go to Africa! Maybe I don’t understand how COE works or something, but I am telling you the best coffee that deserves $49.75 per lb to the farmer is African varieties. The average African variety is better than the best South American!


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