Cooking with Cisco!

Well, it is about time I got back into the swing of things. Like I said in my About Page: "I guess you already know that I like coffee. I like other things too. Some are Bible related, some are coffee related and some are just plain off the wall and “out of left field.” I guess for many of you this is one of those "where did that come from? Left field?" type questions.

I love computers. Whether it is working on the hardware, messing with HTML or learning how to program with things like Visual Basic (wish I was more talented on the latter). Last February I joined the Cisco Networking Academy which had a training center in Goldsboro, NC. I went to a few classes and became H O O K E D! But, at the time I had a job that required crazy schedules so I pulled myself off of the road and quickly found myself not being able to afford class and work. So, I chose work, naturally. I had to forgo the Cisco Academy.

Yesterday I was talking to my teacher and he has talked me into rejoining the classes, starting next Monday Night. I can’t wait. I am almost entirely starting over, but that is fine by me.

I don’t care to get my CCNA so I can forget my current work. I really just want to better myself and become a more rounded individual. I also have some ideas, entrepreneurially speaking. The reason why is because I can’t make the type of income I make at my current work with a CCNA or barely with a CCNP. You may find a NP out there making +$75,000 but it is difficult and they have to cut their teeth for a long time to get there. But, in regards to my work, we have a guy that is the "boss" who is a good business man and runs the office (brokerage back-end) and is the "computer guy" and deals with the brokering "front-end" as well. He has compeltly written our in-house brokering software from scratch utilizing SQL 2000 (currently migrating to current SQL life cycle). I can keep up with that fairly easy. I like him a ton, but I think he has two big weakness (and somewhat misunderstandings) with hardware and networking. That is my specialty – to say the least. I see my CCNA(NP) working great in-house and a foundational building block to work off of. He is getting older, in his 50’s and eventually he will step aside…I hope that is where I can elevate myself in our work.


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