I’m all “Googled out”

Google, as a business, is huge. I almost think they are just exaggeratively huge. Back when Gmail was launched, I immediately grabbed, up an e-mail address that is incredibly like my Hotmail address. IOW, it is the same prefix, but adding @gmail.com where hotmail.com was. So, now if you know my Hotmail e-mail address, you know my Gmail address.

Yesterday while at work, I had the thought process that I used a clock constantly, but hated to wear a watch right at the keyboard. I also had one Firefox window open with the weatherchannel.com. I used Google Maps constantly in the dispatching, so there was a tab for that along with the WC.COM and I had a tab up for CoffeeGeek.com and one for just perusing the net.

It occurred to me that I couldn’t search Hotmail worth a CRAP. I had to do something, not only about Hotmail, but about everything in the previous paragraph. So, I decided to Google UP including a migration from Hotmail to Gmail, after almost 10 years of using that address! I remember when Hotmail was a non-Micro$oft company – just a bunch of guys in a room.

I am just amazed at what the Google Desktop Search does with a computer! I have been aware of it for months now, but this tool is really helpful and nice. I have a Gmail indicator, Google Maps, an analog/digital clock with the weather, RSS for the news that I care for and a scratch pad.  That scratch pad is easy to work with and has already cleared clutter on my desk.

I have been pleasantly surprised.


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